"It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way." Claude Monet

from wall on Ubahn station
On the left is a curious garnish that I can't remember the name of. Small like a cherry tomato but with a citrus taste. It was often on my dinner or dessert plate in Berlin restaurants. Above is a phenomenal dessert I had that was served in a fresh beet on a bed of chocolate cookie crumbs. It included a sorbet and a creamy cheesecake.

Door knockers in Barcelona

There's no place like home. Fire in the winter, great foliage in the fall
Hula Girl
Ice bar in Quebec City
A good Red from Mallorca
Who wouldn't be inspired by a pool like the one above. Buddha, on the right, had a ride in my car to his new home in my back yard a couple of years ago.

Daelayn did this portrait of me so I did one of her in exchange

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