Sunset, Gloucester Massachusetts 12x18" pastel

Heliotrope 6x18" Pastel

The following are two versions of this same path near Pebble Beach  California…the second was influenced by visiting a museum exhibit that made me want to work a little looser and with less detail.

Path near Pebble Beach California 12×14″ pastel

Path near beach Pebble Beach California 12×14″ pastel

Evening Marsh 5x7" pastel

Winnie-the-Pooh Woods . 6x8"watercolor, pen and ink

The yard at Marjorie’s  11×14″ pastel

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge Massachusetts    14×16″ pastel

Trees outside of Taos 12×24″ pastel

Two pastels of same scene, each about 5 x 7″

Early Evening  12 x 14″ Pastel

Garden at Nuremberg Castle 12 x 14" pastel

Rock Path 11X14" Pastel

Outside Barcelona 4 x 6" Pastel

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