Sunset, Gloucester Massachusetts 12x18" pastel

Heliotrope 6x18" Pastel

Heliotrope Companion Piece 5x7" Pastel

Storm Coming into Gloucester 11x14" Pastel

The following are two versions of this same path near Pebble Beach  California…the second was influenced by visiting a museum exhibit that made me want to work a little looser and with less detail.

Path near Pebble Beach California 12×14″ pastel

Path near beach Pebble Beach California 12×14″ pastel

Evening Marsh 5x7" pastel

Southwest Vista

The Southwest 11x14" Pastel

The Yard at Marjorie’s  11×14″ pastel

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge Massachusetts    14×16″ pastel

Trees outside of Taos 12×24″ pastel

Two pastels of same scene, each about 5 x 7″

Early Evening  12 x 14″ Pastel

Garden at Nuremberg Castle 12 x 14" pastel

Rock Path 11X14" Pastel

Outside Barcelona 4 x 6" Pastel

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